Real-time Web Filtering

Market leading, real-time web filtering designed for student safety without limiting the learning experience on the network or via a mobile device.

Real-Time content filtering provides a proactive way to analyse and categorise web content without relying on URL blocklists. Where other products rely on historical URL lists, and new user-generated content appears by the second, it gives you the confidence of zero-day protection.

Whether we're protecting you from inappropriate or illegal content, anonymous proxy usage, malware, or simply wasted resources, our technology makes your life easier.

Combined with our reporting suite, real-time activity monitoring, social media controls and bandwidth optimisation, you can now see and control everything your users do on the web. Even when they're using their own devices (BYOD), or taking your devices on the road.

  • Next generation, real-time web filtering
  • Zero-day malware protection
  • Fast, comprehensive reporting
  • Bandwidth management by policy
  • Social media controls
  • BYOD & remote filtering
  • Centralized Management