Network Control & Traffic Shaping

Regain essential bandwidth by throttling bandwidth intensive applications, block unwanted applications and set limits based upon your business priorities.

Internet traffic control is designed for environments that reply on the Internet to provide consistent access to key applications and services. This could be online learning tools for students or guest Internet access in a hotel – in both environments if the service is disrupted or running slowly then the impact is huge.

What’s taking up all my bandwidth? The explosion in streaming media and file sharing has meant that many networks and guest Wi-Fi are now clogged with recreational traffic. The other culprit that silently takes up your bandwidth are the continual software updates for all you devices.

Internet traffic control lets you throttle bandwidth intensive applications, prioritise all types of traffic based and set how much bandwidth they or the user can have. If there is high demand on the bandwidth, we can also protect key applications or reserve bandwidth for specific users or groups – ensuring that they always have enough bandwidth to work.

Many organisations regain huge amounts of bandwidth – some by up to 60%.

  • Next generation, real-time web filtering
  • Zero-day malware protection
  • Fast, comprehensive reporting
  • Bandwidth management by policy
  • Social media controls
  • BYOD & remote filtering
  • Centralized Management